Monday, January 14, 2008


We are slipping into into a totalitarian/authoritarian style oligarchial regime, and who's to blame?

Us. No state action can happen unless there is support or a lack of resistance by the people.

Voting has deteriorated to a "lesser of two evils" despite the fact that better candidates are usually voted out somewhere in the process, by people who like the candidate, because "he can't win".

There is no lottery, if u pick the right war-mongering tax thief beaurocrat that the other 9% of fools pick, you receive no reward. In fact, you are punished for your stupidity and sheeplike attitude. Youget an authoritarian state who taxes your hard work and uses it to violate your ethics. Whether you oppose illegal wars overseas, government funded abortions, handouts to pharmaceutical companies who lobby against cures, or whatever side of the imaginary left-right battle line you sit on, your tax money will be used to do something you personally consider a crime.

And guess what, you deserve it. If you do anything less than research all the candidates, including those in third parties, and vote where your conscious lies, you are an accomplise to the crimes of imperialist america.

Remember in class, watching videos of Nazi Germany, wondering how that could happen? How could the people of that nation let this wicked government take control and destroy its own people?

Now look around. In the past fifteen years nearly all of our Bill of Rights protections have been squandered, our middle class is being eaten by banking interests, and the state is one National Emergency away from a lifetime president.

You guys are doing nothing.

I emplore you to step up. As a citizen you have a responsibility to govern, it is your duty. Vote your conscience. If you think Dennis Kucinich represents your values, or the Constitution Party, or Mike Gravel, or Pat Buchanan, vote for them. If nothing represents your viewpoint, then run yourself, on whatever level you feel you can compete. So what if you lose, you get to bring your ideas and voice into the debate.

This idea that voting is a gamble, and picking the loser has a negative consequence is a sham that takes the vote from the people and puts it in the hands of the corporate media. There are guys out there who are willing to die to save you from what's coming and you won't even go to the polls and circle next to their name because your afraid to 'waste your vote'. If the millions of 'probably wasted votes' hit the polls this year, we'd have our country back.

Vote your conscience, not who your amateur political pundits or "telephone polls" think can win. Vote for who speaks for you, not for who did well in iowa and might do well in florida.

A vote for the lessor of two evils is a vote for evil, and when this state falls to wicked men, and dies to a stronger nation... Will you too say "I was just following orders..."?


Agent Mulder said...

Somebody gets it!!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard my parents or other people saying they won't vote for a candidate they really like becasue it will be throwing away their vote.

jumping_off_the_edge said...


feildmouse said...

i solve that problem by not voting

Anonymous said...

politicians, federal agents and even ceos may die, but neo-Keynesian wacko economics, corporate rule and crypto city are still going strong. it's so ironic that though our government's domestic policies are still more individual-oriented than some of our openly socialist white-collar nation cousins, our people are still just as big complacent sheep as people in other nations. that by holding "debates" that consist of dudes alternately masturbating to the mirror or using flawed aristotlean argumentative tactics we can have some sort of "informed" opinion on a candidate most of us are just gonna vote for because he/she is the party's vote. and then it's just a war of attrition to see who owns the most sheep.

i'm gonna become a citizen of the republic of lakota ha ha

Anonymous said...

in the last presidential election i wanted to vote for nader but at the same time didn't want bush in office again. i felt that nader would get his 5 percent so that the independents would get their funding for this election without my vote... so i bit the the bullet and voted for kerry.... and i regret it even though nader got it.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys forgetting about this little organization established a while back called the Electoral Congress? It was created at a time when more than half of the country was uneducated and illiterate. No matter who wins the popular vote the Electoral Congress decides who gets to sit in the big chair. Look at the Bush/Gore ticket for a great example.
I say to hell with voting, this country needs a coup.

Michael Bab-alicious said...

In the first line you left out plutocracy and kleptocracy

dubey_snacks said...

Hell yes to a coup!

If this is really a government 'by the people', then we would have the fucking dumbasses voting in the electoral congress who will vote for what they want rather than voting for what capitalist pig'll fatten up their bank account the most.

dubey_snacks said...


*for what the majority of Americans want

instead of: for they want

Anonymous said...

this government is not neo keynesian. its corporatist.

you can not exist as an individual DBA and survive in the business world, only when you turn your company over to the general public via an LLC or the stock market do you have a shot.

the stock market=de facto socialism

Rev Jeff said...

fucking RIGHT.

I don't know how many times I've had this argument with people.
Even if that independent doesn't win that election, there will be results that reflect our interests, and more elections to come. That will eventually guide policy or at least the American people. Remember, we the people outnumber the government. They can't ALWAYS ignore us in favor of special interests. We can kick their asses.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fieldmouse comprehended this post. I will vote for someone even if I don't trust that the majoity will back my canidate. Welcome to a split nation. No one can come to agreement when their blinded by capitalism or greed.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter if the majority backs your candidate, not until the election is over. what matters is did you do the right thing. if you vote by your conscious, you are doing the right thing. if you vote to block a candidate or because the masses are voting or do not vote, you are doing the wrong thing and deserve whatever you get.

Mike B said...

I think we already slipped into it; I thought that around the time of the Florida "recount".

feildmouse said...

i was told during the last two elections "if you don't like Bush or Nader"
but i didn't like Nader either
so i didn't vote
cause fuck 'em!

Anonymous said...

badnarik was the dope guy in '04. or maybe pat buchanan, was he running the constitution party?

Anonymous said...

"Are you guys forgetting about this little organization established a while back called the Electoral Congress? It was created at a time when more than half of the country was uneducated and illiterate. No matter who wins the popular vote the Electoral Congress decides who gets to sit in the big chair. Look at the Bush/Gore ticket for a great example.
I say to hell with voting, this country needs a coup."

This is just false, whoever said it. The electorate votes for the candidate that is their affiliated party. The electorate of party X is decided directly by the votes. So you vote from Republican candidate X, Republican representative Y receives an appropriate number of ballots that he, of course, puts toward his affiliated candidate.

The reason for this is because if you did a direct vote then California (with over 50% of the US population at one time, maybe still) could simply elect a candidate directly in to office. So the best platform would be 'Fuck everyone who doesn't live in California.' And that person could win.

Likewise, places like Delaware and New Jersey would have next to no voice and so no candidate would be compelled to deal with their issues in the least.