Friday, December 14, 2007


This is taken from a transcript of a debate in 1980 at the League of Women Voters.
The debate was for President of the United States between then-incumbent Jimmy Carter and Governor Ronald Reagan.

"MR. CARTER: Barbara, one of the blights on this world is the threat and the activities of terrorists. At one of the recent economic summit conferences between myself and the other leaders of the western world, we committed ourselves to take strong action against terrorism. Airplane hijacking was one of the elements of that commitment. There is no doubt that we have seen in recent years - in recent months - additional acts of violence against Jews in France and, of course, against those who live in Israel, by the PLO and other terrorist organizations. Ultimately, the most serious terrorist threat is if one of those radical nations, who believe in terrorism as a policy, should have atomic weapons. Both I and all my predecessors have had a deep commitment to controlling the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In countries like Libya or Iraq, we have even alienated some of our closest trade partners because we have insisted upon the control of the spread of nuclear weapons to those potentially terrorist countries. When Governor Reagan has been asked about that, he makes the very disturbing comment that non-proliferation, or the control of the spread of nuclear weapons, is none of our business. And recently when he was asked specifically about Iraq, he said there is nothing we can do about it. This ultimate terrorist threat is the most fearsome of all, and it's part of a pattern where our country must stand firm to control terrorism of all kinds."

here you can see that George W. Bush has effectively taken Jimmy Carter's position on Iraq, Iran, and the War on Terror, and duped the whole country, including the non interventionist followers of the Reaganites into supporting Jimmy Carter's position in the name of being strong on defense. The same Jimmy Carter who lost his reelection due to appearing soft on defense and letting the US Military, which was weak from years of wear and tear in Vietnam, fall to shambles, similarly to what is happening now in these unconstitutional aggressive wars.


Dan said...

i don't think it's fair to say that it was Carter's idea as much as it was him who vocalized it publicly first. i'm also not totally against the prevention of certain countries having nukes. there are people i know that i wouldn't trust with five bucks, other people i wouldn't trust with a weapon, and certain countries i don't trust with nukes. we've seen the damage and teach our children the aftermath of a nuclear bomb, while there are countries whose population have no idea what a nuke is truly capable of.

if it sounds like i'm for the war and what we're doing in iran, i'm not. i'm for world wide education, especially when it comes to weapons that affect the globe.

Anonymous said...

the main thesis was that Reagan opposed the idea, on the grounds that military intervention in nations that "might" gain nuclear power was not something we can do while maintaining the moral high ground.

Bush hijacked this idealogy to give two interventionist parties.

Anonymous said...

"Bush hijacked this idealogy to give two interventionist parties."

Two? Are you referring to Afghanistan here?

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