Friday, January 25, 2008

some SUPERCOOL executive orders!

brought to you by the Great Society, FDR, and his New Deal!

1941: Executive Order 9102: Created the War Relocation Authority for the internment of Japanese-Americans (Hitler's Wannsee Conference where they finalized plans to make concentration camps for Jewish Germans wasn't until 1942! FDR was truly a trendsetter!)

1933: Executive Order 6102: Prohibited the hoarding of gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates

Executive Order 9066: Established areas in the U.S. from which any or all persons may be excluded → Japanese-American internment

some of FDR's other great talking points

-cut federal spending(slightly, his reign INVENTED the national debt) by cutting veteran benefits and benefits to widows of veterans, attempting to cut 500,000 war veterans and widows out of the pension program. Thanks for your hard work defending our freedoms in World War I!
-through the lend-lease act, destroyers for bases agreement, and other activities, lent arms help to the Britain, China, and the Soviet Union. this entangled us in the conflicts of WWII and eventually lead us into the fate of a deadly attack by Japan
-decided that George Washington's 2 term limitation was only arbitrary and symbolic, and ran for and got himself a fourth! only death could stop this dictator from scrawling all over the constitution
-despite being indirectly helpful in the cessation of Hitler's Holocaust, it wasn't for his love of the German Jewish community. Political expediency with the southern democrats was in order when he refused 900-some jewish refugees from Nazi Germany aboard SS St Louis asylum in our free nation, turning their sails back towards the antisemitic fervor in Europe

its wonderful how we remember this true Statist neo-American H(z)ero so fondly! (until after this fine buffet dinner of entitlements ends[starting this year], and the waiter[china] brings us the check[economic collapse, the bankrupting of social security and medicare].)


Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag Fire on February 27 was blamed by Hitler's government on the Communists, and Hitler used the ensuing state of emergency to obtain the assent of President von Hindenburg to issue the Reichstag Fire Decree the following day. The decree invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution and suspended a number of constitutional protections of civil liberties, allowing the Nazi government to take swift action against political meetings, arresting and killing the Communists.

The World Trade Center Attacks

The World Trade Center Attacks on September 11 was blamed by Bush's government on the Terrorists and Bush used the ensuing state of emergency to obtain the assent of Congress to issue the USA Patriot Act the following year. The decree invoked a State of Emergency and suspended a number of constitutional protections of civil liberties, allowing the US Government to take swift action against political meetings, arresting and killing .........

the original text that i pulled the mad lib from was from the wikipedia article on the Weimar Republic's descent into Nazism

too many 3 syllable words about how voting is screwed up

in my last blog piece.

let that video do the talking instead.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disenfranchisement via Bureaucracy

Something I've yet to see discussed, but I think might be everyone's principle complaint with government... gridlock and departmental bureaucracy sometimes by nature violates the constitution.

One thing that has become clear, there are certain constitutional provisions that the departments responsible for ensuring or protecting have become corrupted due to size and bad design. Since the unintended consequences of other aspects of government have common law precedent for their removal, voting needs this same mechanism.

One clear example of government bureaucracy failing someone is in voter disenfranchisement. The system of voting as a public, non corruptible system is already in trouble, but to make matters worse its very likely that during the day of voting you may be told you aren't allowed to vote for a reason other than what is provided for via the constitution. Rules that may be politically motivated or possibly even just badly designed may prevent you from voting. For example, what if you follow a voter registration process suggested on the phone by someone working at the polling center and the process suggested is missing a key detail. Let's say you are supposed to report a change of address by a certain date in order to vote a particular precinct. Let's say also that you do not drive yourself or own your own car, or have enough money on the particular day of voting to drive an unknown amount of mileage chasing down documents you didn't know you needed. Most average citizens probably feel that getting a voter registration card and their driver's license and showing up at a polling center is adequate to vote for your representative government, but often this is not the case. Since you are not reported to by any sort of central authority who has to make sure you know these things, it's possible the day of a key step will be missing and you will be turned away at the polling center. This is disenfranchisement, this is the reason the founding fathers went to war with the King and it is their suggestion that you do the same when facing the same situation.

There should be legal precedent that if a government authority denies you voting rights despite being a legal U.S. Citizen with voting rights provided for by the constitution and show up with a state issued form of identification to prove who you are, they should be punished to the full extent of the law for violating the constitution. It is the responsibility of the people at the polling center to accommodate you and help you place your vote, not provide you with a variety of odd hoops to jump through to earn the right again.

You are endowed by your creator with these rights, according to the language of the governing document, and the rule of law, so for the government to require you to perform actions to re-earn it is in violation of the very founding principle in the first place.

In fact, also, voter registration should be provided for at the polling center, and not required to be performed in advance. It is possible to have people verify whether or not there are suspicious things such as double voting, unverifiable identities, or non citizen voting during the counting process, which is a proper time to double check for errors. It is not the responsibility of citizens to prove through whatever means technically possible that they are in fact who they are. Simply carrying a state issued form of identification (which is in an of itself a bit of a stretch constitutionally) is going very far to err on the side of caution by the voter himself.

I suggest that during this election season, anyone who feels that bureaucratic mismanagement caused them a level of inconvenience which was preventative of them voting (being asked to go home for more documents than a state issued I.D.; being asked to visit a different bureaucratic office to acquire a document other than a voter registration card and state I.D.; being asked to visit a different county precinct or polling center than the one nearest to your home) band together with others in your state and form a class-action lawsuit against the state, claiming voter disenfranchisement. Then, furthermore, banding together with people from other states and suing the federal government for the same thing wherever federal funds are used to aid in the voting process.

This same lawsuit should be applied to any voting done in any other method than in public, by the state's proper election representatives, on physical ballots which can be visually identified by private citizens. Voting methods other than this defy reasonable technical confidence in their results and therefor disenfranchise voters by not being reliable. If a computer error or malicious code damages one result in a voting process, everyone in that pool has had their voice taken away.

Furthermore, these rigorous standards should be applied also to tax collection, the criminal judicial system, and every other system to which constitutional provisions can be defied.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another taser death.

So cops arrive at a single vehicle accident, with only one person on the scene, in the broad daylight, in the snow, for a man who was going to the airport to pick up his parents, and deploy taser on him?

then he dies?

if I did that, it would be murder, just putting it out there.

Monday, January 14, 2008


We are slipping into into a totalitarian/authoritarian style oligarchial regime, and who's to blame?

Us. No state action can happen unless there is support or a lack of resistance by the people.

Voting has deteriorated to a "lesser of two evils" despite the fact that better candidates are usually voted out somewhere in the process, by people who like the candidate, because "he can't win".

There is no lottery, if u pick the right war-mongering tax thief beaurocrat that the other 9% of fools pick, you receive no reward. In fact, you are punished for your stupidity and sheeplike attitude. Youget an authoritarian state who taxes your hard work and uses it to violate your ethics. Whether you oppose illegal wars overseas, government funded abortions, handouts to pharmaceutical companies who lobby against cures, or whatever side of the imaginary left-right battle line you sit on, your tax money will be used to do something you personally consider a crime.

And guess what, you deserve it. If you do anything less than research all the candidates, including those in third parties, and vote where your conscious lies, you are an accomplise to the crimes of imperialist america.

Remember in class, watching videos of Nazi Germany, wondering how that could happen? How could the people of that nation let this wicked government take control and destroy its own people?

Now look around. In the past fifteen years nearly all of our Bill of Rights protections have been squandered, our middle class is being eaten by banking interests, and the state is one National Emergency away from a lifetime president.

You guys are doing nothing.

I emplore you to step up. As a citizen you have a responsibility to govern, it is your duty. Vote your conscience. If you think Dennis Kucinich represents your values, or the Constitution Party, or Mike Gravel, or Pat Buchanan, vote for them. If nothing represents your viewpoint, then run yourself, on whatever level you feel you can compete. So what if you lose, you get to bring your ideas and voice into the debate.

This idea that voting is a gamble, and picking the loser has a negative consequence is a sham that takes the vote from the people and puts it in the hands of the corporate media. There are guys out there who are willing to die to save you from what's coming and you won't even go to the polls and circle next to their name because your afraid to 'waste your vote'. If the millions of 'probably wasted votes' hit the polls this year, we'd have our country back.

Vote your conscience, not who your amateur political pundits or "telephone polls" think can win. Vote for who speaks for you, not for who did well in iowa and might do well in florida.

A vote for the lessor of two evils is a vote for evil, and when this state falls to wicked men, and dies to a stronger nation... Will you too say "I was just following orders..."?