Friday, January 25, 2008

some SUPERCOOL executive orders!

brought to you by the Great Society, FDR, and his New Deal!

1941: Executive Order 9102: Created the War Relocation Authority for the internment of Japanese-Americans (Hitler's Wannsee Conference where they finalized plans to make concentration camps for Jewish Germans wasn't until 1942! FDR was truly a trendsetter!)

1933: Executive Order 6102: Prohibited the hoarding of gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates

Executive Order 9066: Established areas in the U.S. from which any or all persons may be excluded → Japanese-American internment

some of FDR's other great talking points

-cut federal spending(slightly, his reign INVENTED the national debt) by cutting veteran benefits and benefits to widows of veterans, attempting to cut 500,000 war veterans and widows out of the pension program. Thanks for your hard work defending our freedoms in World War I!
-through the lend-lease act, destroyers for bases agreement, and other activities, lent arms help to the Britain, China, and the Soviet Union. this entangled us in the conflicts of WWII and eventually lead us into the fate of a deadly attack by Japan
-decided that George Washington's 2 term limitation was only arbitrary and symbolic, and ran for and got himself a fourth! only death could stop this dictator from scrawling all over the constitution
-despite being indirectly helpful in the cessation of Hitler's Holocaust, it wasn't for his love of the German Jewish community. Political expediency with the southern democrats was in order when he refused 900-some jewish refugees from Nazi Germany aboard SS St Louis asylum in our free nation, turning their sails back towards the antisemitic fervor in Europe

its wonderful how we remember this true Statist neo-American H(z)ero so fondly! (until after this fine buffet dinner of entitlements ends[starting this year], and the waiter[china] brings us the check[economic collapse, the bankrupting of social security and medicare].)

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