Thursday, December 13, 2007

to the so-called "collectivist anarchists" out there:

before you go writing a million more essays about how libertarianism will sacrifice every man, woman, and child on the alter of corporatism, please reread the history of corporatism and its place in common law.

libertarians believe in repealing the common law application of the 14th ammendment to corporations.

please read and digest this before you write any more of your 2nd grade noam chomsky book reports parading as political essays.

in a libertarian free-society, corporations would by nature be illegal. companies would be tied to a persons well being, and would be forced to die when they failed to be productive. This would immediately kill the concept of Wal Mart, and empower the SMALL BUSINESS, aka the mom-and-pop shop, and the local community.

without a 14th ammendment application to the PUBLIC INSTITUTION of the CORPORATION there would be no such thing as a robber baron, or the tyrrany of the industry.

CORPORATISM is the tyranny of the industry against the consumer, and is a PUBLIC INSTITUTION and a step towards SOCIALISM.

if you want to debate against libertarianism you cannot ignore that fact.

it comes off as ignorant and uneducated.

it is not because of the New Deal and Great Society that we are "saved" from corporations. it is from these things that we appeased and submitted total authority to corporations.

the 14th ammendment gave personhood to corporations in common law in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad in 1886. This allowed them protections such as 1st ammendment(being able to donate sums of money to political candidates) and the ability to work "for profit", all in the format of limited-liability, where you can abandon the entity at any time without any personal accountability.

please study the "corporate personhood debate" before you judge libertarianism, or decide that Noam Chomsky's brief's are your new hugging ground.


Christopher said...

I am myself a libertarian for the most part, but anarchy is not in itself bad. It indeed would not work at all given the current circumstances, and could probably only work in small areas, but to myself at least it is the ultimate goal to be truly free. Even though libertarianism is what the country now needs to offset the current fascist leaning, to have no one direct your actions is true peace and freedom, that is anarchy to me.

Sorry for the wall of text : /


Barry Donegan said...

i was specifically referring to collectivist anarchists who critize libertarianism. anarcho-capitalism is sortof the libertarian version of anarchism.