Friday, September 7, 2007

September 11: Keep a Cool Head

ok, i'll lead this off with the obligatory disclaimer: condolences to the friends and family of anyone lost in the sept 11 attacks of 2001, and any military, civilian, or any other casualty of conflict the world over since then. Any attempt to paint me as hating or disrespecting anyone lost will be officially heretofore clearly identified as spin.

that said, let it be known, as we approach September 11, that there is a lot that has changed since this tragedy in American politics. The most significant, and unfortunate, is that our constitution is under direct threat by the executive branch of government. So much so, that Gen. Tommy Franks, who lead the US invasion of Iraq then wisely quit before the part where you use nation destroyers as nation builders kicked in, stated that a WMD attack or similar disaster on any ally of the US would likely result in suspension of constitutional government in favor of a military one.

There had been many in the past, particularly ex US Intelligence William Cooper, claiming that F.E.M.A. would be eventually used to execute Martial Law, and Katrina became de facto an exercise in this, as weapons were seized and people relocated, even training of church leaders to lull their neighborhood communities into giving up weapons and following orders.

The US Patriot act(now its ok to spy on everyone), Military Commissions Act(and torture them and hold them without trial, just if they are considered an enemy of the state), and common law overturning of Posse Comitatus act limiting the military's ability to police on US soil(martial law is now OK) are now reality in post-911 America. A REAL ID card, containing a RFID microchip has been voted into law, which you will be forced to take by the end of next year, and RFID chips are being implanted in children and medical customers willingly, at this point.

So, what are we learning here: 911 was a clearly horrible tragedy. However, are we all in such great danger to fundamentalist islam attacking us at home, that we should suspend every right afforded us in the constitution to protect us from tyrrany to one of the most unpopular administrations in the history of the U.S.? I think the answer here is obvious, we were duped. Whether 911 was an inside job, or whether the conspiracy theory promoted by the administration rings true is unproven on either side, and irrelevant. The point is, the event was used to opportunistically make a mad power-grab. This was admitted by Gary Hart one day after 911, that this event could be used to make this power-grab to promote globalist government at the CFR meeting, of which all your Washington bigwigs belong, from the Bush community, to the Clintons, Obama, and any other piece of elite trash gutting our constitution.

The fact that 911, a moderate tragedy(in terms of number of lives lost) compared to many health problems, poverty problems, and even the number of people who perished in Iraq, a war which clearly had no basis, and was another piece of the illegal power grab after 911. We are in far more danger now, than then, and not because of fundamentalist islam. We are in no danger from fundamentalist islam; the probability of you being murdered in a terrorist attack is closer to that of shark attack, drowning in a bathtub, or being struck by lightning than that of cancer, heart disease, or car accidents.

This being said. Mark my words, America is no longer fooled. Fear mongering by terrorism is over. We want our country back.

WARNING: there is one way that the we could lose sight of this reality. At the present time, in a "state of emergency", the president can essentially suspend the constitution. The media is full of government warnings of an upcoming terror attack. Lets just hope this is wild, ignorant speculation, the 911 attacks were done by al qaeda, and our homeland security works. Because, if another attack happens, we will KNOW it is NOT AL QAEDA.

Why would small, weak arab countries want to attack us in a way that causes our constitution to crumble forever, and warhawk military leaders to gain totalitarian control of the most powerful military in the history of the the universe.

To quote George Dub himself "fool me once..."

Once the constitution goes down for good, once military polices the streets, the curfew is enacted, etc. I swear to do what is asked of my by the founding fathers, and evoke the REAL protection given to me in the second amendment. and if you need someone to stand by, reach out to me. This is our responsibility, given to us by Thomas Jefferson.

hopefully proper statesmen, going the traditional legislative route will stop this garbage before it happens. the good news is theres a really solid chance this will happen. Ron Paul went into hostile territory at FOXNEWS New Hampshire debate two nights ago and made the talking head, soundbite addicted, money sluts squirm. Calling out the neocons fearmongering hijack of the FLIGHT 1776, driving us into the twin towers that are fundamentalist islam and pandering to the interests of the military industrial complex. He then won the post debate poll by a landslide. Please do your part to support candidates who are not a part of groups like the CFR; who don't participate in corporatist lobby, and who voted against things such as the US PATRIOT ACT. If Ron Paul isn't your thing, go to Project Vote Smart to view the voting histories, AND campaign contributors of each candidate. If the candidate voted YES on the US PATRIOT ACT or takes more than 3-5% of their campaign contribution for corporate lobby or PAC's, do NOT vote for them, regardless of what they say. they cannot be trusted.

lets take our civil liberties back in the voting both, so we don't have to do so by evoking the second amendment.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a google/blogger acount, or whatever the hell this is..but I'll let you know, privately, and publicly, that if it comes down to it, you will not be the only one exercising your second ammendment rights. As citizens of this country, no matter what's become of it, we still have rights to protect, our families to protect, and this sometimes comes with a price. The war against terror may turn into a real one..on the homefront. And I'll be fighting for freedom.

So, in the words of the mighty Bruce Campbell, in Evil Dead.."COME GET SOME."

P.S. If any one of you wants to talk to me and debate my willingness to grab a gun and spatter the blood of tyrants on my screen name is horseflychariot. Use it.

Anonymous said...

there are entirely too many Americans that are content on sitting around enjoying their "freedom" (to be morons) to even realize they are going to lose all of this. Americans need to get off their fucking asses and be willing to make some minor sacrifices in order to keep their "home of the free".

At one point it seemed insane to put a chip in my dog... now my children could be required to them? Big Brother... enjoy it.

Anonymous said... i believe started over putting a chip in their pet monkey. haha.

Anonymous said...

The Order of Cincinnatus is creating some weird biblical end-times scenario.
Thanks for reminding us of our second amendment rights, but I think I'll pass. I'm more afraid of guns than I am of the evil secret societies trying to create an unconstitutional police state. Not really, but hey, I'm a Quaker.

Anonymous said...

And I still think antigovernment militias are the most dangerous organizations in the domestic front, at least until this REAL ID business is fully implemented. Then maybe the Patriots or whomever have all the justification they need to start a war.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the chip will ever be fully implemented, then again stranger things have happened. if someone chooses to put a chip in their offspring they shouldn't be fornicating and reproducing in the first place. So many different points in this blog but the chip weirds me out the most.

Anonymous said...


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