Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Misandry, the West's New Hate

Misandry is the second biggest cultural problem in the West. Number one would be a totally blantant racism towards arabs. Misandry is a close second though.

The fact of the matter, is the biggest perpetrators of Misandry, are men. Men are embarrassed and ashamed of masculinity, and hate men and being a man.

Women only echo it because we say it first.

Quit whining and fall back in love with your cock.


Reverend Jeff said...

I was raised by women... I hear you on this one. I think I had kind of an identity crisis that I've slowly but hopefully slipped out of.
I think a side effect was that almost all the girls I've dated were bi. Not that that's a bad thing...

Anonymous said...

It's a bit more than just that; misandry is advertised and marketed every second of television airtime by representing men as buffoons, perverts, at fault for every inherent societal flaw in the Western world, which I believe reiterates gender stereotypes, particularly when it comes to our culture's definition of masculinity. Obviously, women have been treated like dirt historically, but I have this feeling that we're carrying on everything the Western world despises by raising the average male to be a drooling idiot, especially with the male gender's supposed adeptness for leadership, which in turn brings down our whole nation.

Anonymous said...

And yes, most cases of misandry in our media are perpetuated by men, from comedians to clothing company CEOs.
The cock-hating by males, the fad that it is, is totally pointless and is honestly getting pretty old even as irony, although I think those same industries play a big part in making men into subhuman beings who think with their cocks (since apparently a male's sex organs are so darn easy to exploit.)
We should do something blahblahblah but what?
That's reason number 14957 as to why I'm glad I'll be living in India in a few yrs, although I doubt it's soooo different (especially with the West's influence [economic imperialism] over the rest of the world horribly creeping along until the whole planet's just as homogenized as the good ol' USA.)

Anonymous said...

I dont think women have been treated like dirt, historically. thats propoganda, the role of women has always been valued in many historical societies. Kindof like, why is it that arranged marriages is considered a man's oppression of women, its obviously oppressive to both men and women,and is a trick of the upper class to cement its role as the richer, superior class. the fact that that gets shown to us as oppressive to women is advantageous and intentionally misleading. in arranged marriage society, only does a woman benefit, as women can marry up from poor to rich, but no father would offer his dowry to a poor man. This actually cements lower class men in their position and gives women an incentive to move up.

Anonymous said...

not to mention that, just because in some societies women haven't had official suffrage, they have had political leaders notwithstanding, and women were still often considered the head of the family household. The matriarch owns the heart of her sons, and everyone knows this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that; I didn't realize how badly I was superimposing my contemporary Western outlook on the development of agricultural societies to today, although gender/social stratification were some of the first inequalities to develop in such "civilised" society. Matriarchal families are common in many cultures, particularly in the modern West where men, particularly those in low-SES communities, are more likely to have little or positively nothing to do with their children, once again perpetuating the idea that males are primal beings incapable of higher thought (or morally flawed and incapable of blahblahblah commitment.) This idea is hinted at and sold every day, along with more watered-down versions of said message (men are slobs or men are mindless bunches of hormones or men are simpletons) and that obviously affects women negatively too.
I probably shouldn't quote this as reliable, since I haven't re-checked it to make sure I didn't just make it up, but I came across account of an anonymous survey done at the University of Texas where a majority of males surveyed said that they had felt pressured into some sort of sexual act by the opposite sex at least once at some point in their lives.
The stereotypes/expectations/lack of expectations of men (to varying degrees within different demographics, but to a certain degree over the entire gender) definitely affects women in a more direct way than most people realise.

But yeah, I guess that if females from the 1980s were transplanted into the Roman Empire, they'd probably feel like they are treated as lower life forms (although during post-Theodosius I Christian Rome a lot of women would become nuns, often because that was a way to escape being a wife/mother and dealing with the horrible pain of childbirth among other things, but then again poleis-era Greece and Christian Rome were direct influences for Western European culture from the Enlightenment/"Age of Reason" on in the first place.)

Anonymous said...

the agenda for the life of women is and always is set by women. they are the ones who get the liferaft along with children first. haha. pursuing individuality is not always the thing that women, or society, desire as a community. In the past, their role was to use their power and influence over the family to make changes in society, and this has always been equally respected.

women never officially didnt have suffrage in american history, the households had sovereignty, meaning they didnt offer votes to both the husband and wife, they were expected to come to a family concensus and vote. the man typically was out doing the day to day tasks, but to say that the man had authoritarian power over his families vote choice and political needs is seriously underestimating the value of wives and mothers in the american family at that time. they had immense influence in many relationships. and the ones who were more submissive and didnt take an active role in the politics surrounding their family, probably did so out of trust of the choice of the husband they selected.

Anonymous said...

there were definatley some unhappy ones, but there are unhappy malcontent people in any society.

womens "proper behavior" in high society circles were often built by a catillion system which women use to teach their daughters how to wield high society power. this was a rewarding and enriching system designed by upper class women at the time and to say they were conned into it and had no choice in it is more sexist than anything. that also may not be what women want now, but at the time it was, and to construe it as oppression is distorted.

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